Go From A Nobody To A Full-Time Content Creator In Just 30 Days

The Exact Same System I Used To Go From 2k to 450k followers and generate over $250,000 dollars at just 20 years old...




From not knowing what sort of content to make & being scared of what other's were going to think of me. I managed to finally crack the code when I discovered this simple forumla to going viral on social media & building a real following of loyal fans.

It took me 7+ years to figure this framework & forumla out and now once I have it, it's pretty much like clockwork...

And now finally after doing this myself for so long, I thought it was about time I shared these secrets with you.

Create The Lifestyle You Have Always Dreamed Of Through Building A Social Media Following

I'll Teach You All The Secrets & Give You The Exact Same Systems & Tools I've Used Over The Last 7+ Years To Becoming A Full-Time Content Creator... But In Just 30 Days

  • Joel Bryant - Sydney, NSW

    "As a professional videographer & editor with over 7 years in the industry & having worked with many big name Youtubers, Brands & Social Influencers. I consider myself pretty knowledgavle about what it takes to get clicks & build a following online.

    With all the said, it shows how good Dylan is at what he does considering I'm still constantly learning new tactics & techniques about what it takes to go viral and build a real cult-like following.

    Couldn't recommend his program & what he teaches enough"

  • Angus Cowan - Brisbane, QLD

    "Being someone who's always wanted to jump into the content creation space & start building a social media following, I can't recommend this program enough. Having a super clear 30 Day Roadmap on becoming a better content creator & building a social media following makes it pretty hard to fail hahaha. One of the best value for money products I have ever bought. Thanks Dyl"

  • Indi Gambold - Bryon Bay, NSW

    "There's not many people I can think of who are more dedicated to what they do & creating captivating content than Dyl. The experience and skills he has in dreaming up ideas, marketing himself and creating viral content are invaluable for anyone looking to get into social media or the creative industry. Even if you're not looking to get insta-famous or gain a million followers, Dyl's tools for creating content that engages your audience and building a following are a must-have."


Dylan finally found his rise to social media success in early January 2022, after testing out countless different video styles & social media platforms since all the way back to 2016 when he got a GoPro for his 12th birthday - 6 year later & over 100’s of videos, he finally cracked the algorithm and hasn’t looked back since.

Over the last 2 year specifically Dylan has grown his following from around 5k followers across all platforms to now just under half a million loyal followers with over 350 million total views to his name.

From generating a full-time income just off of his social media brand deals and sponsorships alone to creating & launching his very own swim-wear brand OnePalm and pulling in over $150,000 in just the first year alone… all as a 1 man team.

The lessons & knowledge Dylan has learnt from being in the game for so long & experiencing both the low’s & high’s of it has given Dylan a deep understanding of how to create banging viral videos, build a loyal cult-like following across social media & make a generous amount of money along the way to keep ‘living the dream’.

And now, it’s finally time to pass on that knowledge & teach you how to do it too…


From not knowing what style of content to make & being scared of getting judged by others... to eventually "living the dream" creating daily videos on social media and getting paid to live the life I had always wanted to but never really knew how.




  • a deep dive into the secrets which allowed me to become a Full-Time Content Creator.
  • 3 seperate modules taking you all the way from beginner to experienced.
  • step-by-step guide on how to use the systems I've built to help you excel/


  • 30 day roadmap designed to help you succeed over the next month.
  • daily habit tracker to keep you on top.
  • goal setting system to help you stay on track & fkn crush the next 30 days.


  • weekly content calendar to map out your videos
  • built-out templates to plan banging content
  • growth/metric tracker to stay on top of your progress.


price is increasing back to $110+ in the next couple weeks.


who is this for?

This is for anyone looking to get into social media + content creation in 2024. For anyone sick of living a "mediocre" life & wants to get the freedom they have always desired.

what do I get?

After checkout, you will get a email with instant access to both the workshop + templates/systems to help you succeed over the next 30 days.

who are you? why should I listen?

My name is Dylan. I graduated high school just over 2 years ago & since then have grown just under half a million followers on social media & generated $250,000 dollars off of the back of my personal brand.

do I get lifetime access?

Yes, all the content provided from the workshop to both of the templates is given to you forever.